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For Charity A New Destiny 2 Season 17 Emote Allows You To Pet Dogs

The Bungie Foundation charities profit from the purchase of the new Destiny 2 emote the Loyal Companion, which is modeled on a player's actual dog called Artemis

Bungie regularly updates Destiny 2, with new Seasons bringing in brand-new content for gamers to enjoy. Season 17, titled Season of the Haunted, debuted on May 24 and included class reworks, returning goods, and a boatload of brand-new content. Season of the Haunted contains a 3.0 revamp of the game's fire-based Solar subclasses, including Sunbreakers and Dawnblades. The update also includes the return of the Leviathan raid monster, the introduction of the Sever weekly quest, and the addition of a relic known as the Scythe. Many players will construct Destiny 2 weapons like Cataclysmic and Insidious to prepare for this new content, but the game's brand-new emote is more powerful than any sci-fi rifle.

A recent Bungie blog post described the new Destiny 2 emote, Loyal Companion, which players may buy to help charity. The charming cosmetic allows the player character to stoop down and touch a wonderful holographic puppy, making for a very heartwarming image. Christine Edwards of the Bungie Foundation adds that the ethereal puppy is based on a real-life Belgian Malinois named Artemis who belongs to a Destiny 2 enthusiast. The story of Artemis and his owner will be told in the future, but for the time being, gamers may meet the amazing canine by purchasing the Loyal Companion emote. All revenues from the cosmetic's sales will benefit the Bungie Foundation and its aim to support children in need.

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While Bungie is best known as a gaming company, Bungie Foundation charity fundraiser efforts may help a variety of worthy causes. The Bungie Foundation, founded in 2011, is a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the health and well-being of children, assisting individuals and communities in need, and offering assistance during times of crisis. Bungie Day, observed annually on July 7, is a particularly popular occasion for the group to generate cash and create awareness about its objectives. Bungie Day 2022 will give additional information on Artemis, the model for the Loyal Partner emote, and the narrative of his human companion.

Destiny 2 is continually getting new content and equipment, but some stand out as particularly significant. The Loyal Companion emote is not only a cute addition to any Guardian's cosmetics collection, but it also allows gamers to help the Bungie Foundation's mission. For the time being, Artemis' story remains unknown, however Destiny 2 gamers may already acquire the Loyal Companion from Tess at the Eververse store.

Source: Bungie

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