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Fortnite Data Miners Made A New Discovery Which Hints At A Lady Gaga Concert Happening Soon

Although the scope of the Lady Gaga collaboration is still unknown, a new emote found in the Fortnite files definitely implies one.

For years, Fortnite has maintained its ridiculous popularity thanks to a steady stream of new events, outfits, and gaming mechanics that keep the player base enthralled. This has even extended to musical performances and concerts performed within Fortnite, and fresh information suggests that a prominent pop singer may be on the way shortly.

Data miners have been working diligently as usual on Fortnite and have found a brand-new emote. It would be tough to mistake the song playing during the emote for anything other than a Lady Gaga song, supporting the notion that a Gaga event is imminent.

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Fortnite Leaks discovered the information, which was then disseminated online. Jug Band is the name of the group emote that four distinct gamers are shown doing. The music they are playing is unmistakably Poker Face, even if the name and instrumentation don't suggest any sort of Lady Gaga theme.

Fans of Lady Gaga should be cautious when acting on this information, despite their excitement. The Rainbow Royale event, a celebration of LGBTQIA+ players, is now taking place in Fortnite, along with the Rainbow Crossroads island. Starting on September 8 and continuing during the celebration, Lady Gaga will be among the musicians whose music will be featured on the radio throughout Fortnite.

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Several musical artists have previously appeared in Fortnite throughout the years, but Lady Gaga is not one of them. She didn't appear to understand what Fortnite was a few years ago, so it is probably one of the main contributing factors. While it is unknown whether or when Lady Gaga will perform in Fortnite, it is likely that the Jug Band emote will be available soon. Fans should find out more by the beginning of September, and it's likely that it will be included in the game once Lady Gaga songs begin to play on the radio.

Source: FortniteLeaks

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