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Fortnite's Next Crossover Could Be The Massively Popular Elden Ring According To A Survey Tease

According to an unverified poll, Fortnite's next set of guest character skins will include Elden Ring's Melina and Iron Fist Alexander

Comic book figures, movie characters, real-life celebrities, and a slew of prominent gaming heroes have all made appearances in Epic's blockbuster online battle royale. Now, according to Shiina, a Twitter user and Fortnite rumor tracker, an unofficial and unverified player poll suggest some new Fortnite guest character skins. Guille GAG of the Fortnite News Twitter account gave Shiina a list of characters that includes characters from comic books, TV programs, and video games, with the gaming list including Elden Ring's Melina and Iron Fist Alexander among the many probable new skins.

If the results of this Fortnite study are accurate, it will undoubtedly be fantastic news for gamers. When Elden Ring was released in February of 2022, it rapidly became one of the best-selling video games of the year, and gamers are still talking about new character builds and boss tactics months later. The friendly Melina, who accompanies players on their mission to become the Elden Lord, and Iron Fist Alexander, a humorous Living Jar that players may call to aid them after completing a task, are two of the prominent personalities Elden Ring players have met in the untamed Lands Between.

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Both of these characters would make good guest Fortnite character skins for Elden Ring, providing Shiina's list is correct. More gaming icons on the Island may be considered a refreshing breath of fresh air by those who aren't interested in more Marvel and DC crossovers. This prospective Fortnite poll might allow players to vote on which characters visit the Island next, allowing for greater community input in crossover content decisions.

Source: Shiina - Fortnite News

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