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Fortnite Teases New Event And Pilotable Mechs Appear Likely

A fresh Fortnite leak suggests that players may be allowed to operate mechs around the island once more in the near future

This year's Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 saw some significant improvements, including the new Zero Build mode, which eliminates the game's stronghold building features, as well as many new gameplay elements like as Overshield, Shoulder Bash, and enhanced climbing and parkour. Fortnite's current chapter also saw the inclusion of new playable skins such as Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robocop, and even real-life YouTuber Ali-A. Additionally, as part of this year's Star Wars Day celebrations, Fortnite's previously accessible lightsabers were made available once more. Playable mechs, which were originally available in Chapter One but were later vaulted, were one prominent feature from previous Fortnite seasons that was totally removed from Chapter 3, Season 2. According to a new Fortnite rumor, mechs may be making a comeback.

Earlier today, Fortnite's official Twitter account shared a mysterious promotional video that summoned players to their "battle stations" and finished with an emblem that resembled a robot's head. FortTory, a Twitter user and Fortnite news leaker, then uploaded newly unearthed audio of The Origin discussing how if an unknown individual (who FortTory thinks is referring to The Paradigm) "refuses to help, we would still need a pilot." This mysterious Fornite dialogue leak has FortTory and many other Twitter users in the comment section convinced that The Origin is alluding to a mech in need of an operator - and that the players will get to fill this job if the Paradigm can't. Others have already compared this alleged Fortnite mech event to Chapter 2, Season 3's battle against Galactus, in which players piloted enhanced versions of Fortnite's trademark Battle Buses to ward against Marvel's devourer of planets.

There have been several leaks and rumors regarding what Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 would contain, the most recent of which being a probable crossover with Fall Guys. Another popular Fortnite rumor is that Darth Vader will arrive as the latest guest character skin, not long after the franchise's lightsaber weapons return. Meanwhile, Fortnite has just expanded to mobile devices owing to Xbox Game Pass's Cloud Gaming technology, and a new update allows PlayStation owners to utilize V-Bucks purchased there while playing Fortnite on other platforms.

If players may once again operate mechs, Fortnite's Chapter 3, Season 3 might be an exciting moment for fans of Epic's enormously successful battle royale title. Some of the players who commented on FortTory's leak post are pleading with The Paradigm not to attend whatever event The Origin is referring to so that they can be the ones to answer his call when the time comes. It's unclear whether this is a request for someone to pilot Fortnite's rumored new mech, so gamers should keep an eye out for updates as they happen.

Source: Fortnite/Twitter, FortTory/Twitter

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