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Gaiman Explains Why Tom Ellis Did Not Reprise His Role In Netflix's Sandman Show

Neil Gaiman explains why Tom Ellis will not reprise his role as Lucifer in Netflix's version of The Sandman after six years

While many fans are thrilled to see this cherished story brought to life on the big screen, The Sandman and Gaiman have faced criticism for hiring Game of Thrones actor Chris Christie as the Lord of Hell. Some of the reaction stems from the fact that Christie is a woman, and many fans see Lucifer as a guy, but Gaiman has already addressed this complaint, pointing out that Lucifer was always shown as androgynous in his original comics. Fans of the Netflix series Lucifer, which is partially based on Gaiman's portrayal of the figure from The Sandman, were disappointed that series star Ellis was not invited to reprise his role in the next program. With the recent Christie Lucifer casting outrage, many have wondered if it would not have been simpler to just recast Ellis in the part.

After a fan questioned on Twitter why the production did not cast Ellis, Gaiman responded with a straightforward explanation. While Ellis' Lucifer is based on the character he created, the figure is "so far removed in terms of Sandman continuity" by the conclusion of Lucifer season 6. As a result, Gaiman and the rest of the Sandman crew have opted to restart the series from scratch, returning to "the version in the comics." See his entire tweet below:

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While some fans of Ellis continue to desire for his return, many others have entered the Twitter debate in favor of Gaiman, claiming that it should ultimately be up to him who plays the role on film. Others have also noted that there appears to be a drive these days to make every property part of a shared world, such as the MCU or DCEU, and that this may not necessarily be necessary for a series to flourish. After all, Ellis isn't the first actor to play Gaiman's Lucifer; Peter Stormare did it in 2005's Constantine. Clearly, the character can withstand a recast.

All of this being said, the only genuine way to know if the decision to cast Christie was accurate is to wait for The Sandman to be released on Netflix. Christie has clearly demonstrated her ability to play tough characters with true emotional journeys over her lengthy tenure on Game of Thrones, and it is likely she will provide a solid performance. In any case, Gaiman appears to have complete faith in the actor, which speaks well for The Sandman TV show more than anything else.

Source: Neil Gaiman

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