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Gameplay Trailer For Sonic Frontiers Is Out And Pretty But Not Much More

The amazing graphics of Sonic Frontiers are showcased in a new clip, but the lack of adversaries or NPCs makes it feel quite lonely

The gameplay shown off in previous trailers, particularly the lush open world that players quickly compared to games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Kirby and the Forgotten Land, is the main topic of discussion surrounding Sonic Frontiers and how it differs from previous Sonic 3D offerings. Sonic Frontiers will also change up battle with new, fast-paced combat methods for Sonic to bash up his robotic adversaries with, as seen by a recent clip of video in which Sonic used punches and kicks in addition to his trusty Homing Attack and Spin Dash. This quick Sonic Frontiers teaser also hinted to a longer video being released later this week, as well as plenty of interviews and fresh material throughout the month about Sonic's next big adventure.

Indeed, IGN has now published a new Sonic Frontiers gameplay teaser through the official IGN YouTube channel, showing the Blue Blur exploring even more of the grass-covered ruins that have been heavily featured in previous Sonic Frontiers footage. Sonic shows off his complete range of platforming skills, including running, leaping, boosting, rail grinding, and even wall running, as he gathers Rings, money, and even some type of health-giving heart trinkets across beautifully portrayed ruins and landscapes. It even begins pouring at one point, implying that Sonic Frontiers may include a weather cycle in-game. Throughout the entire Sonic Frontiers gameplay clip, though, the Blue Blur does not encounter a single traditional Sonic adversary or NPC, making the huge and graphically beautiful open area feel a little too barren.

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Sonic Frontiers was supposed to be published last year to celebrate Sonic The Hedgehog's 30th anniversary, but Sonic Team chose to push back the release date to allow for additional gameplay refinement and, presumably, avoid the bug-ridden releases of previous Sonic games like Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

Sonic Frontiers' lush visuals and expansive open world appear to be a promising departure from previous Sonic games' linear structure, but fans may be left wanting more after today's almost empty gameplay trailer, which some have compared to a tech demo or Sonic-themed game mod rather than a high-octane triple-A release. Of course, SEGA has plenty of time until Sonic Frontiers comes on all major platforms later this year to show off the game's more action-packed components, but it seems odd that today's demo was low on the fighting and thrills that gamers have come to anticipate from SEGA's super-fast mascot.

Source: IGN

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