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Gaming Icon Hideo Kojima Is Planning To Unveil New Game At Tokyo Game Show

Hideo Kojima has been teasing new games and concepts, and he has now revealed that a virtual reality project will be launched at TGS 2022.

Hideo Kojima revealed on Twitter that something VR-related will be unveiled at this year's Tokyo Game Show, or TGS. Tokyo Game Show is one of the world's largest gaming events, and this year will be the first with in-person attendance since 2019. The event, as predicted, will be an opportunity for publishers and developers to showcase new projects, including a portion from Kojima's previous company Konami.

The man himself has been very busy recently. Hideo Kojima just posted the first episode of his podcast, Brain Structure, as well as teasing some new projects he's working on. With a career spanning more than three and a half decades, his name carries a lot of weight in the business. He's been credited for helping to launch the stealth genre with the Metal Gear series, and his stories have frequently sparked debate. As a result, many people are constantly curious to see what ideas he has in store, and a new tweet suggests that there isn't much longer to wait.

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The Kojima Productions creator may be seen wearing what seems to be an Oculus VR headgear in a number of photographs posted to his Twitter account. The post itself states that he has been performing a "last check" on what he refers to as "KJP" VR, which might presumably stand for Kojima Productions, although it is not specified. In any event, everything will be disclosed at some point at the Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 14 to September 18. In the meanwhile, many will be wondering what the gaming auteur has up his sleeve.

Hideo Kojima is said to be working on a horror game named Project Overdose. Although nothing is known about this enigmatic title, there is considerable interest in Kojima creating a terrifying game, especially with the termination of P.T./Silent Hills in 2015. At this point, it is impossible to say if this is what will be disclosed or something altogether else.

There have also been rumors regarding Death Stranding 2, which arose after Norman Reedus mistakenly revealed that a sequel was in the works. Again, nothing has been verified, but the possibility to learn about Hideo Kojima's VR project is fascinating for any lover of his work. He is one of the most important game creators in the world, thus his attendance at TGS will draw a lot of attention.


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