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Genshin Impact Super Fan Has Made A Super Chart Showing Five-Star Characters Still Waiting

The following fan-made Genshin Impact list ranks all the characters according to how many banners they haven't appeared in.

There are two types of units in the game: four-star units and five-star units. Every new update usually focuses on obtaining five-star characters, which are much harder to obtain.

Genshin Impact updates are divided into two banner cycles, each featuring a five-star character and three four-star characters. A famous Zubayr actress, Nilou, is featured in the Dance of Lotuslight banner. RapidFresh, a Reddit user, has shared an intriguing list that ranks characters based on how many updates they have missed.

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Pyro polearm user Hu Tao tops the list with nine missed updates. When surrounded by the right team composition, the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor has a high DPS potential. Since she was confirmed not to be included in the next update of Genshin Impact, it is unclear whether or not she will re-run.

Thoma is the most recent Pyro character introduced by Genshin Impact, and many members of the community are dissatisfied with this. The captain of the Reconnaissance Company, the Cryo claymore user Eula, is the second character on the list.

With a strong emphasis on dealing with massive Physical damage, Eula is considered one of the best DPS units in Genshin Impact. This Mondstadt character continues to hold the record for dealing the most recorded damage in the game. Her most recent banner appearance was in update 2.2, where she was paired with the Geo user Albedo. Shenhe is yet another Cryo user who was introduced in Genshin Impact update 2.4 but has yet to receive her first re-run. Unlike the previous two characters, she plays a supporting role in most team compositions. To fully utilize Shenhe, players should surround her with characters who share the same element.

Source: Reddit

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