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Get A Closer Look At Catwoman And Bruce Wayne In 3D

The new augmented reality experience allows spectators to study The Batman's freshly designed Batsuit and Catsuit from every angle

The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, stars Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. The Batman, with an almost three-hour duration, stands out from other contemporary DC adaptations, such as the Christian Bale-led Dark Knight trilogy. For one thing, Pattinson is one of the youngest actors to play Bruce Wayne, and the picture is set early in Wayne's Batman career as a result. With Pattinson's fresh take on Bruce Wayne for The Batman came a new take on the iconic Batsuit. Glyn Dillon and David Crossman created the outfit. The costume is still armored and styled in the characteristic black, but it is less bulky than prior Batman outfits. Pattinson's costume in The Batman, on the other hand, is more dynamic and fluid, making it simpler to battle with than other Batsuits. Kravitz's Catwoman suit is also sleek and aerodynamic, implying that Selina isn't exactly the rogue comics character fans are accustomed to.

Yahoo Entertainment has produced a unique web project that allows visitors to get an up-close, 3-D look at both the Batsuit and the Catsuit from The Batman. The platform's new augmented reality experience allows viewers to observe the dynamic duo in their unique new outfits while learning some intriguing behind-the-scenes details about each costume. Viewers may twist and spin their way around each garment to receive a close-up look at every detail.

While viewers may not be able to completely battle in The Batman's augmented reality, this is the closest they can come to envisioning themselves in the Batsuit and Catsuit. The work of Dillon and Crossman, as well as Jacqueline Durran, has become a feature of The Batman, which has been hailed for providing a fresh perspective on an oft-adapted character. Although The Batman has been out of cinemas for a few months, the introduction of this new virtual reality experience may re-energize fans of Pattinson's Batman. A sequel to The Batman has already been confirmed, with Pattinson reprising his role as Bruce Wayne. Little more about the sequel has been disclosed, including whether or not Selina will return. Nonetheless, with fresh designers working on the Batsuit and other Bat-gadgets, The Batman 2 is guaranteed to excite fans.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment

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