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Harrison Ford Has Been Cast In The MCU As Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross

The renowned actor is taking over for the late William Hurt in the role.

Harrison Ford is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which might be one of the franchise's biggest casting coups yet. According to /Film, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has chosen the famous star of Indiana Jones and Star Wars to take up the part of Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, who was formerly performed by William Hurt until his death earlier this year.

Ford will play Ross in numerous films, making his first appearance in Captain America: New World Order before joining another ensemble cast. He'll also be in the team-up film Thunderbolts, which was previewed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The film is intended to be the MCU's Phase 5 conclusion, and the whole cast was confirmed at the time. In Marvel's greatest team-up film since Avengers: Endgame, Ford will star with Florence Pugh, Wyatt Russell, Olga Kurylenko, Hannah-John Kamen, Sebastian Stan, David Harbour, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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Ford, of course, has a lengthy history with Disney thanks to his work on the Lucasfilm blockbusters Indiana Jones and Star Wars. He returned to a galaxy far, far away after 32 years in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, having softened his attitude against the films he had adopted in the years immediately following his appearances in the original trilogy.

Following Carrie Fisher's death, he made another cameo appearance in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. His most impassioned character, though, has always been that of Indiana Jones, the adventurous and fearless archaeologist. Ford will play Indiana Jones for the final time in the fifth installment, simply named Indiana Jones, which will be released next year.

Ross is not intended to be a physically demanding part of Ford, who is already 80 years old. His Indiana Jones job will be supported by anti-aging technology, but his MCU persona prefers to oversee things from boardrooms, so his pace should be light and reasonable. The addition of Ford to the series, which has been lacking A-list star power since the exits of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans during Endgame, will be viewed as a big success for Marvel and Feige. Captain America: New World Order will be directed by Julius Onah and will be released in theaters on May 3, 2024, while Thunderbolts will be directed by Jake Schreier and will be released on July 26, 2024.

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