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Hayden Christensen Praises The Nuanced And Complex Story Of The Star Wars Prequels

Hayden Christensen praised the Star Wars prequel trilogy's tale, highlighting the intricacies and complexity at its foundation

Nowadays, audiences (especially those who grew up with the prequels) appreciate what Lucas was aiming for in his approach, and the prequels are seen in a more positive light. With the benefit of hindsight, reevaluations of the prequels reveal them to be films with a fascinating, sad tale at their center, which helped extend the Star Wars canon in various ways. This better image is helping to stoke anticipation for the impending Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series, in which Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen reprise their prequel roles. The two actors have spoken about the films' positive response, and now Christensen looks back on them.

Christensen highlighted his recent rewatch of the prequel trilogy as he prepared for his Obi-Wan Kenobi return in an interview with to honor Attack of the Clones' 20th anniversary. In the films, the actor found much to admire. Check out his reaction in the following space:

“Watching them again as a whole, I was really struck with the quality and depth of the storytelling and George’s vision for all of it. It’s so nuanced, complex, and layered. Really remarkable.”

The prequels surely have a lot of moving elements. Anakin's story is understandable and dramatic, as he is driven by the dread of losing his loved ones. His turn was motivated by good intentions, which added to the sadness of his journey. The trilogy also serves as a genesis narrative for the Galactic Empire, in addition to Anakin's rise and demise. Lucas depicted the Jedi Order at its peak, demonstrating how their arrogance led to their demise, showing the Jedi as imperfect people in positions of authority (which would later inform aspects of the Star Wars sequel trilogy).

Lucas' vision extends to his filming skills, which were often cutting-edge at the time. A key CGI figure (which opened the way for Gollum and others) and filming Attack of the Clones fully on digital were two of his prequel advances. In retrospect, the prequels were technologically significant works for the medium (similar to the original Star Wars movies in that respect). People may have taken a time to warm up to the Star Wars prequels, but it's wonderful to see that Christensen and others connected with the series can rejoice in its increased popularity.


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