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Hayley Atwell Discusses What She Would Want To See In Season 3 Of Her Marvel Show

Hayley Atwell, a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, explains what she would want to see in Agent Carter season 3 if the program were to return at some time

Since her debut in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger, Atwell has shown to be one of the most adaptable performers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing Peggy Carter in a range of productions. Thanks to the MCU establishing a distinct version of the character known as Captain Carter, Peggy has been a more prominent presence in the previous year or so. Many people still associate Peggy with ABC's short-lived series Agent Carter, which concluded in 2016. Despite poor ratings, Peggy's work in the SSR following the events of Captain America was widely appreciated throughout the series' existence.

Atwell made an appearance at Awesome Con 2022 lately. The discussion was captured on video by Fandom Spotlite, and Atwell was questioned about her "ideal concept" for a third season of Agent Carter, assuming the program takes Peggy and Steve's reunion in Avengers: Endgame as canon. Take a look at Atwell's response below:

"Assuming Endgame is canon? Ok, well, in my mind, Steve's tired, and he wants to sit down, and he's had quite a lot of time to gather a fantastic book of recipes because he's a fantastic cook. Peggy's busy, she's not been waiting for him. She's been busy, and she's got things to do. And the great thing is, Cap's cool with that because he's a feminist. He's not insecure about that. He lets her go off and live her best life and fulfill her truest potential because he knows the contribution that she's got to make in the world, and that makes him even more attractive to her. That's my premise."

Though Atwell is probably teasing when she says Steve is collecting a cookbook, her assessment of the character's conduct in a potential Agent Carter season 3 is right on. Following his stint as an Avenger, it seems plausible that Steve would prefer a tranquil existence, which he alluded to when he reappears as an older version of himself in Avengers: Endgame. However, Steve returned to Peggy as her career as a hero was just getting started, and Agent Carter seasons 1 and 2 demonstrated how essential it is to her to defend others. Still, as Atwell points out, Steve would be ecstatic for her and glad to watch from the sidelines.

Agent Carter season 3 isn't very likely at this moment, with rumors of a live-action Captain Carter program starring Atwell, and Marvel preferring to focus on the new incarnation of the character instead. Plus, there's also debate over whether Steve modified the old chronology or created a new one when he returned to Peggy, making the plot of another season of Agent Carter a little more difficult to decipher. If Marvel were to continue following Steve and Peggy's lives beyond Endgame, it's more probable that they'd do it in a movie or solo series rather than Agent Carter season 3.

Source: Fandom Spotlite

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