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Hidden Messages In The Silent Hill Townfall Trailer

A few observant fans spot some hidden hints in the teaser video for the forthcoming horror game Silent Hill Townfall.

Several new projects in the long-dormant Silent Hill brand were revealed during the Silent Hill Transmission, including the long-awaited and rumored Silent Hill 2 remake, another film, and two wholly new entries named Silent Hill F and Silent Hill Townfall. Silent Hill Townfall's unveiling was one of the less informative moments of the show, disclosing almost nothing about the next title, not even the platforms it would be released on.

The game will be published by Annapurna Interactive and produced by No Code, the independent firm that brought you Stories Untold and Observation. Despite how confusing the teaser appears, No Code Creative Director Jon McKellan said that "it could be worth watching that clip again and discovering what you might have missed."

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A group of Silent Hill aficionados did just that, and they discovered a few hidden messages. MilkManEX, a Reddit user, downloaded the trailer, ripped the audio to an MP3, and put it into Audacity, where they uncovered the line "Whatever heart this town had has now stopped" hidden in the spectrograph.

Other fans reverse-played the audio and discovered a message referencing Alessa, one of the main protagonists in the first Silent Hill game who also appears in later entries in the series. This, combined with the game's title and the archaic atmosphere of the teaser, has prompted some to speculate that Silent Hill Townfall is a type of genesis narrative.

However, the revelations do not end there. Both Annapurna and No Code posted staticky photographs of a home on October 21. Comparisons revealed that the two images were just marginally different. Twitter user yApth0 decoded the photos and discovered another Morse coded message that said, "I don't know how to leave." No Code congratulated the find with a "I'm so proud of you" meme. That may not be the only thing revealed in the Silent Hill Townfall teaser video. Some Redditors believe they can hear the phrase "Is that actually Alessa?" at time stamp 0:33. In any case, it appears that Townfall is returning to the series' dark cult roots rather than revisiting the more psychological terror of Silent Hill 2.

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