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Hype For Netflix's Show Wednesday Continues To Rise With A New Bloody Picture From Jenna Ortega

Fans are getting even more excited for Tim Burton's upcoming Addams Family spinoff series thanks to a brand new and terrifying photo of Wednesday's Jenna Ortega.

Arguably the next most highly anticipated Netflix series to hit the streaming service is for sure the Addams Family spinoff show Wednesday, led by the talented Jenna Ortega in her portrayal as the main role of Wednesday. Wednesday will premiere on Netflix on November 23rd, so being less than 3 weeks away the marketing train has been in full effect.

Now Jenna Ortega decided to add some fuel to the fire by dropping this highly intriguing picture on Twitter. The actor captioned the photo "I can't remember a thing" and shared it on Twitter. While some fans speculated that the photo was a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming role in Scream 6, the actor is clearly dressed as Wednesday Addams. The scene appears to be based on an iconic scene from 1976's Carrie.

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According to the official synopsis released on Wednesday, the titular character "navigates her way through this new school, new relationships, but she's also dealing with a serious investigation involving serial killers, murderers, and monsters."

While fans are thrilled to see their favorite character return, legendary director Tim Burton's interest in directing the new series was not always guaranteed. Alfred Gough, co-showrunner, revealed that he and Miles Millar expected Burton to reject their pitch, but were surprised when "his agent called and said, 'Tim loves it.'"

Indeed, Burton stated that the script for Wednesday "talked to me about how I felt in school and how you feel about your parents, how you feel as a person." He went on to say that the new perspective on the story "gave the Addams Family a new sense of reality It was a unique combination." However, just because Burton agreed to join the project three days after receiving the script on Wednesday doesn't mean he's interested in making the transition from film to television. I still think there’s a place for movies these days." Burton also said that he made something of an exception for Wednesday, explaining that he'd "never really had a burning desire to do television."

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