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In This Really Cool Video Pixar's Lightyear Is Transformed Into A Playstation 1 Game

In a brief movie, 3D artist Hoolopee reimagines Pixar's Toy Story spin-off Lightyear as a classic videogame for Sony's Playstation 1 platform

Lightyear follows Evans' unique take on Buzz Lightyear, drawing on the history around Andy's iconic action toy to create a space-faring epic that deviates significantly from the Toy Story series' traditional pattern. Buzz assists in the development of a highly experimental fuel that can propel space travel to new heights on a colony in a remote, unknown corner of the cosmos. However, when the experiment results in unanticipated consequences and attracts the attention of a mechanical emperor, Buzz is forced to take a stand against this menace. Inspired by how films like Star Wars-inspired moviegoers, Lightyear is structured as a film that Andy sees in the theater which leads to his being a fan of the character.

Hoolopee envisioned how Lightyear would look if, instead of a film, the tale was conveyed in the manner of a classic Playstation 1 video game, modifying the images to give the impression of an older video game. Using footage from the film's 2021 teaser trailer, the artist has given Buzz's entry into the environment a blockier, pixelated look reminiscent of old PS1 titles such as Final Fantasy VII and the original 1996 Resident Evil. Check out Hoolopee's short yet highly innovative and original Lightyear remake below:

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When asked about taking on the now-iconic role of Buzz Lightyear, Evans stated that the position terrified him. In an interview published in early June 2022, Evans claimed that stepping into the footsteps of Tim Allen's Space Ranger was first scary, with the actor nervous about reciting Lightyear's renowned "To Infinity and Beyond!" catchphrase. Despite this, Evans noted that the Pixar production staff helped guide him through the process, allowing him to build his own character while keeping authentic and identifiable to the original. Built with the objective of expanding the franchise's tale beyond the limits of the series, Lightyear uses the unusual framing device of Andy's theater visit to attempt and build a story that can both enrich the original films while standing on its own. While the spin-off film has its own innovative framing to attract the attention of new audiences—as well as existing fans—Hoolopee goes a step further to make an inventive reference to vintage gaming. With the Toy Story franchise's own tie-in PS1 video games published with the first two films, Hoolopee's art may also appeal to lifelong fans who grew up with games by envisioning the current installment as a legendary game of their childhood.

Source: @Hoolopee

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