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'Interceptor' Director Matthew Reilly Is "Confused" About Why Film Is Number One On Netflix

The movie Interceptor released on Netflix to very mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Although someway the movie still found itself to the number 1 spot on Netflix which has dumbfounded the Director Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly had no idea his directorial debut, Interceptor, would be such a smash hit. The filmmaker recently expressed his surprise to Variety, stating he didn't anticipate the film to reach No. 1 on Netflix's top 10 list after only 50 million hours of viewing. Interceptor tells the narrative of US Army Captain JJ Collins (Elsa Pataky), who is the only [woman] standing on a distant missile defense post. She is fighting domestic terrorists who are working with Russians to launch 16 stolen nuclear bombs at the US.

The video addresses a wide range of problems, including Russian aggressiveness, xenophobia, conspiracy theories, and #MeToo. Collin's (Pataky) military career is halted in the film when a five-star general is fired when she accuses him of sexual assault. As a result, she is demoted and assigned to the remote missile base. The film received mixed reviews while topping Netflix's top ten list, and here is where both the filmmaker and the audience are at odds. The film also received a lot of backlash on social media, which Reilly is well aware of, saying:

"If you don’t like my movie, say you don’t like my movie. I don’t mind that. But somewhere in recent years, we got to this extreme bottom end and people who say,I don’t like your movie, therefore, I hate you, therefore, you should die a painful miserable death and never make movies again.’”

Despite the criticism, the filmmaker has written a sequel to Interceptor that he claims Netflix enjoys. Pataky's husband, actor Chris Hemsworth, produced the film and also appeared in it.

Source: Variety

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