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Javicia Leslie Posts Video On Instagram Transforming Into An Incredible Cosplay Of X-Men's Storm

Javicia Leslie ditches her Batwoman costume for the X-Men's for Halloween, putting on an electrifying performance as the hero.

Javicia Leslie, who plays Batwoman, abandons Ryan Wilder for Halloween and transforms into the X-Storm. Men's Leslie posted a video on Instagram of herself walking into the bathroom before her eyes and arms begin to crackle with electricity. A flash of light and smoke then cuts to Leslie dressed as Storm, her outfit replicating the mutant's black-and-gold outfit and stunning white hair.

More electrical effects are shown, giving the impression that Leslie is wielding Storm's power and firing bolts of lightning. While Leslie appears in the video, she credits everyone who helped bring Storm to life. LaRae Buress created the costume's custom hair, while Reginald and Matthew Reisman created the suit itself.

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Leslie's makeup was done by Dion Xu for the video, which was directed by Rich LaRu and colored by Roy Sun. Alex Perales is in charge of lighting, Erik Griggs of the score, and Steadicam OP of the VFX, while Cherish Michael and Michael J. are Production Assistants.

The actor's Halloween costume follows the announcement that Leslie will play an electrifying villain in The Flash's ninth and final season. Leslie was spotted filming on the set of The Flash while dressed as Red Death, an evil speedster from DC Comics who is a cross between Batman and the Flash.

However, Leslie is no longer committed to the show, which was canceled after Season 3, and Marvel Studios may require an actor to play Storm in the future. Though no official X-Men plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been announced, mutants have slowly been making their way into recent MCU projects. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness stars Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X, the Ms. Marvel series establishes Kamala Khan as a mutant rather than an Inhuman, and Jennifer Walters asks aloud in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law while breaking the fourth wall, "When are we getting the X-Men?"

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