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Keanu Reeves Is Considering Directing A Film Based On His BRZRKR Comic Book

Keanu Reeves is considering directing BRZRKR, an upcoming feature based on the comic book he co-created with Matt Kindt.

Keanu Reeves says that depending on how things go, he may wind up directing BRZRKR, the next live-action feature picture based on his comic book series of the same name, in which he will star. Reeves spoke with Collider on Netflix's feature adaptation of BRZRKR, the script for which was recently finished by Mattson Tomlin.

"It arrived yesterday or two days ago. I have not yet read it "Reeves stated. The actor noted that it's still too "early days" to think about a director, but he has contemplated directing the picture himself. In reality, according to Reeves, he has a "33 percent" probability of directing BRZRKR.

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Reeves' first and only film, Man of Tai Chi, was released in 2013, and he also starred in it. "I understand how much labor it is, but when the film Man of Tai Chi was formed, I became the director since I was involved in the writing process and didn't want to pass it off," she says.

While Reeves is far from committing to directing BRZRKR, Ron Garney, the illustrator of the original comic, believes the Matrix veteran would be ideal for the role. "Raise that percentage, dude," Garney said. "I mean, I believe it is entirely your fault. It's something you should do. Clint Eastwood pulls it off. I mean, I think you can do it; it's your thing."

Netflix revealed in March 2021, shortly after the comic's release, that it was producing both a live-action feature picture and an animated series based on BRZRKR, with Reeves set to play B. in the former. The aforementioned Tomlin was named as the film's screenwriter in October 2021. Tomlin is no stranger to comic book adaptations, having previously collaborated with filmmaker Matt Reeves on DC and Warner Bros. Pictures' The Batman. Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves is keeping himself occupied. He will reprise his role as John Wick in Lionsgate's John Wick 4 in addition to acting in the live-action BRZRKR feature. A sequel to the 2005 DC film Constantine is apparently in the works, according to recent reports.

Source: Collider

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