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Lady Gaga Is Reportedly In Talks To Play Harley Quinn In Joker 2

Lady Gaga is in discussions to portray Harley Quinn in Joker 2, which would recast Joaquin Phoenix as the classic DC villain

Lady Gaga is in discussions to play Harley Quinn in Joaquin Phoenix's Joker 2 film. In a startling move a few years ago, Warner Bros. and DC Films announced plans for a Joker solo film that would not include Jared Leto's depiction of the character from Suicide Squad. Because of the film's enormous popularity, there have been rumors that a Joker sequel may be released in 2019. For a long time, it was unclear how close the project was to being completed, but Phillips provided an important update last week. He teased the final screenplay with a photo of Phoenix reading it, as well as the Joker 2 title reveal: Joker: Folie à Deux.

Harley Quinn looks to be in Joker 2 and might be portrayed by Lady Gaga. THR reports that Gaga is in discussions to play the Joker's long-time comic book love interest. Margot Robbie presently portrays Harley in the DCEU, but if a contract is struck, Gaga will get the option to assume the part in Joker 2. Gaga's Harley casting coincides with the announcement that the sequel will be a musical.

Gaga's possible appointment as Harley Quinn in Joker 2 would be another another major undertaking for the singer. She made waves in 2018 when she co-starred in A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper, and her performance earned her an Oscar nomination. Assuming Gaga's agreement for Joker 2 is finalized, the film's version of Harley Quinn looks to have fulfilled her demand to say something profound. The possibility of it being a musical may have also enticed the great musician. In any event, the possibility of Gaga playing Harley Quinn is an interesting development for the sequel. It's uncertain if Harley from Joker 2 will be completely realized as Arthur Fleck's girlfriend and fellow Arkham State Hospital inmate, or whether she'll be an Arkham psychologist who falls for him. However, given the increased rapidity of these changes, it appears that viewers will learn before long.

Source: THR

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