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Leaked Images From A Marvel's Avengers Leaker Teases Captain Marvel Coming To The Game

Captain Marvel may debut in 2023, according to a reputable Marvel's Avengers leaker, who also reveals fresh details about other DLC heroes

Marvel's Avengers' future has lately been questioned following the sale of developer Crystal Dynamics by Embracer Group back in May, but the group behind the contentious superhero action game 2020 continues to introduce new characters to Marvel Avengers ever-expanding cast of comic book superstars. Thanks to Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel), who is a fan of the army pilot-turned-alien-empowered super-soldier, Carol Danvers' existence in the Marvel's Avengers universe has already been established.

She is just like Carol Danvers in the comic books and the most recent Ms. Marvel Disney Plus live-action series. Danvers is also mentioned by Captain America at the start of Marvel's Avengers when he says that Captain Marvel is now "off-world" and unavailable to aid her throughout the game's events. It could only be a matter of time until Carol comes back to Earth to support Earth's Mightiest Characters in their never-ending conflict with the forces of A.I.M.

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By uploading an in-game image of the space heroine and a mock-up of her original Ms. Marvel suit as a potential alternate costume, Twitter user and Marvel's Avengers rumor tracker Miller recently suggested that Captain Marvel may be the following DLC character after Jane Foster.

In a similar statement, Miller predicted that Carol may join the Marvel Avengers as early as 2023 and asserted that he had "plenty" of intimate knowledge about the equally anticipated She-Hulk and Winter Solider appearances in the Avengers. While neither Square Enix nor Crystal Dynamics has verified any of this, it's important to note that Miller has a very good track record of foreseeing upcoming Marvel's Avengers DLC.

Click Here To View The Original Post

Click Here To View The Original Post

Many fans think Captain Marvel will join the Marvel Avengers, along with Winter Soldier and She-Hulk. The two heroes are mentioned in player-made roadmaps for Marvel's Avengers material that also make mention of performers like Krizia Bajos providing the voices for these legendary figures in their upcoming video game appearances. Although Crystal Dynamics had previously hinted at a formal, long-term content schedule for 2022, the company later disclosed that, in light of an uncertain period for both Crystal Dynamics and the game, it will prioritize smaller Marvel's Avengers updates and new characters. Captain Marvel looks to be a part of these near-term Marvel's Avengers plans, although nothing formal has been announced about any further Marvel's Avengers DLC characters following the Mighty Thor. Despite this, Carol Danvers would be a fantastic addition to Marvel's Avengers cast as a new playable character as the game's primary narrative mostly revolves around Ms. Marvel and the Kree. Captain Marvel may or may not show up in a future Marvel's Avengers update; but, if the most recent reports are true, her appearance may come sooner than expected.

Source: Miller

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