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Leaker Teases An FF7 Crisis Core Remaster For All Consoles And PC

A well-known leaker claims that a Crisis Core Remaster will be released in the future for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Crisis Core is an action RPG starring Zack Fair, a member of the SOLDIER unit and a prominent player in the FF7 narrative. Crisis Core depicts the conclusion of the Wutai War, the decline of the founding members of SOLDIER, Sephiroth's slide into madness, the devastation of Nibelheim, and the events before FF7. The conclusion of the INTERmission DLC for FF7 Remake shows that Zack is still alive in the new timeline, therefore it stands to reason that Square Enix would want his game to be more accessible to current audiences, especially if Zack would be included in future games.

The Snitch, a leaker famed for his FF7 Remake screenshots, has posted one that prominently depicts Zack Fair, with a blue, green, red, and black box above it, implying that Crisis Core is making a comeback and will be available on all platforms. In this case, the blue would be PlayStation, the green would be Xbox, the red would be Nintendo Switch, and the black would most likely be Steam or the Epic Games Store. The new game is expected to be revealed at Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration livestream, which will take place tomorrow and is being widely pushed as a major event. The presence of the Switch adds to the likelihood that it is a remaster rather than a remake, as the Switch should be capable of running an improved PSP game.

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Another interpretation of the image is that additional FF7 Remake ports are on the way, since recent FF7 Remake Intergrade trademarks hint at a multiplatform release. When FF7 Remake was released in 2020, it was a PS4 exclusive for a year. The release of the FF7 Remake Intergrade seems to prolong this arrangement, since the updated version of the game would be available on the Epic Games Store six months later. The Epic Games Store release of FF7 Remake Intergrade was six months ago, while the PS5 debut of FF7 Remake Intergrade was a year ago, thus existing exclusivity terms may be coming to an end shortly.

Square Enix has been bringing a number of its older games to current platforms, with titles like Live A Live and Front Mission Remake coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022 and Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers getting multiplatform editions earlier this year. After all these years, Crisis Core still stands up, and a console remake is long needed. Although it's uncertain whether the events of Crisis Core took place in the new FF7 Remake chronology, since the game is being remastered, Square Enix may still consider it canon.

Source: The Snitch

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