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Left-Handed Players Punished In Hogwarts Legacy PS5

New information from Sony has announced some fascinating DualSense capabilities for Hogwarts Legacy players on the PS5, but they appear to restrict left-handed users

Since its debut gameplay trailer and breakdown earlier this year, it appears that information about Hogwarts Legacy has been flowing in. The very ambitious project appears to have a plethora of selling features, including spectacular new-gen visuals, a large open-world, and a delightful, magical tale. One of the game's most intriguing components is undoubtedly its customization and personalization choices, as Hogwarts Legacy users may design their own character and grow it using typical RPG mechanics and aesthetics. Players may even select which Hogwarts House their wizard or witch belongs to, providing unique role-playing options as well as access to special material such as dormitories. Furthermore, Hogwarts Legacy will give surprising moral choices, which will most likely help to further develop the game's protagonist as each player sees fit.

Given all of these personalization options, it may seem unusual that Hogwarts Legacy on PS5 looks to be lacking regard for left-handed gamers. A recent article on the PlayStation Blog describes a lot of new facts about the upcoming game, including how it will use the PS5's DualSense controller to simulate the sensation of really holding a wand. However, it appears that these capabilities may exclude left-handed witches and wizards, as certain haptic effects will be restricted to the right side of the controller, according to the article. According to the post:

"Spells will feel unique when you cast them, thanks to haptic feedback providing a direct connection between the DualSense controller and your wand. We’ve specifically isolated these effects to the right side of the controller to let the DualSense become an extension of the wand you hold in the game."

There is no mention of left-handed players or whether there will be an option to swap the controller's haptic feedback locus.

The Hogwarts Legacy article is certainly odd, as it almost seems as though Avalanche Software completely forgot about left-handed players. Hogwarts Legacy is full of surprises, and it appears like the game was designed with a keen eye for detail, making this apparent absence all the more puzzling. It's not as if the protagonist in Hogwarts Legacy is a set-in-stone, preset figure; players customize the main character at the start of the game, so there's no reason they should be tied into right-hand supremacy.

Perhaps it is the ambition and breadth of Hogwarts Legacy that has resulted in this disparity, as Avalanche Software developers may have just neglected to add a left-handed option in the game (or even just in the write-up for the PlayStation Blog). If not already included, the ability to swap to left-handed orientation for Hogwarts Legacy players on PS5 should be a simple update.

Source: Playstation Blog

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