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Lucky Attendees Of The SDCC Were Able To View The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Trailer

Marvel was at the iconic Hall H last night and delivered a presentation only how Marvel can except there was more shown to the attendees which the public was not able to witness

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3 is one of Marvel's most highly anticipated movies they have on their slate, because of the fact this will be the closing trilogy of this Guardians lineup, and, well, no one is sure what is going to happen to the Guardians after this. Coming from an unknown property to become a global phenomenon, this group of Guardians is well beloved worldwide.

But for a movie that is almost still a year away, no real marketing of any kind has been released, which is quite a normal thing so that is no blasphemous statement. But the SDCC attendees were given a significant treat of viewing the first Guardians trailer before the rest of the world.

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As reported by a CBR attendee, reports are stating that the third movie will be about Rocket and his origin story, which lines up pretty well with some posts and teases that have come out from Director James Gunn throughout the filming process. They will be returning to the experiments that turned him from a regular raccoon into the beloved loud-mouthed genius he is. "This is about the final arc that we began in the first movie," said director and writer James Gunn, who helmed the previous two films. "When they first told me about it, I thought it sounds a little goofy, but I was thinking about it driving home, and I realized, 'If there's a talking raccoon, he's the saddest creature in the universe.'"

Much of the trailer centers on scenes of Rocket's development in a lab, with one notable clip showing him as a newborn, avoiding a hand reaching for him in a cage. Another video shows him in the lab, with his number, 89P13, printed on the wall above him. At one point, another character inquires about Rocket, to which Chris Pratt's Peter Quill says, "He won't talk about it."

Although the film looks to focus on Rocket's origins, the trailer begins with a completely different scene. It begins with the team being kidnapped by Ravagers and Quill tries to persuade them that he is one of them. Nebula takes a step forward, informing them that they would be meeting with Gamora. Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana, then walks forward, revealing herself to be the new Ravagers commander and the alternative one which was shown in Avengers: Endgame.

In another scene, Quill tries to have a serious chat with Gamora while wearing spacesuits, and she refers to him as "Quinn." The remainder of the squad presents themselves and says that they'd been listening in as the two were discussing over a public channel. Other striking moments in the trailer include the sight of Groot, who appears larger than in Endgame, but more beefy than tall.

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Fans also got their first glance at Will Poulter's Adam Warlock, who is said to be comic-book authentic. Poulter recently stated in an interview that in order to land the job, he had to submit Marvel many audition tapes over the period of several months. While Warlock's involvement in the film has yet to be confirmed, other cast members have hinted at their characters' mental states in the build-up to Vol. 3. Pratt teased, "Peter Quill is hurting from the events of Endgame and the loss of Gamora." "She is the love of his life, but she has no idea who he is. It makes the Guardians of the Galaxy vulnerable to harm." Meanwhile, Karen Gillan, who portrays Nebula, indicated that Thanos' death would provide some "levity" for Gamora's sister in the film, calling their father's death a "really therapeutic event."

Source: CBR - San Diego Comic-Con

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