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Mark Hamill Reacts To A Unique Luke Skywalker Portrait Created By A Star Wars Fan

A skilled fan artist has blown Mark Hamill's mind by creating a painting of his renowned Star Wars character Luke Skywalker using only dice

Since the original Star Wars trilogy, Hamill's resume has grown significantly. He has a successful voice acting career in addition to live-action appearances in films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service and Brigsby Bear. He played the deadly doll Chucky in 2019's Child's Play and Marvel scientist Arnim Zola in Ultimate Spider-Man, in addition to playing The Joker in DC animated programs including Justice League and The New Batman Adventures. Hamill, on the other hand, has never shied away from repeating his most renowned part, Luke Skywalker, in the new Star Wars sequel trilogy, as well as a CGI de-aged version of the character in episodes of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

Hamill is no stranger to admirers contacting him to contribute artwork inspired by Luke Skywalker. However, he just came across an artist employing a totally new media on Twitter who wowed Hamill. The artist, who is part of the TikTok pair diceideas, created a gigantic painting of Skywalker using a sequence of six-sided dice, which blew Hamill away and left him "still wondering how he did it." Take a look at the following Tweet:

The diceideas account, it turns out, has been around for a while, making gigantic photos of celebrities including Lady Gaga, Queen Elizabeth II, and Michael Myers from Halloween. Ross and Ben are the creators of the channel, and while the team has perfected the ability to imitate anything with their dice painting, Star Wars appears to be their favorite franchise. They've also just made artwork for Darth Vader (for Star Wars Day on May 4) and Yoda.

The amount of expertise and time required to create this new Luke Skywalker artwork is incredible, and Hamill obviously recognizes the effort that went into crafting such a stunning tribute to his legendary character. Hopefully, the artists will continue to create designs based on more great Star Wars characters in the future, since Hamill's praise for their work has undoubtedly boosted their reputation and fan base.

Source: Mark Hamill

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