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Mark Ruffalo When Asked About A World War Hulk Movie Gave A Definitive Answer To If He Would Do It

At the premiere for the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law show Mark Ruffalo was asked about a potential World War Hulk movie and said whenever Marvel does go for it he is ready.

For years now The Hulk has been a major mainstay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Forming a part of the original six, we have seen Mark Ruffalo's iteration of The Hulk go through various phases and changes as he has evolved the character throughout his journey and thoroughly made it his own.

The only thing we have been deprived of though as Marvel fans and especially those among us who hold The Hulk in the highest esteem in the MCU is a Mark Ruffalo solo Hulk movie. We have only been allowed to see The Hulk in team-up movies or see him in a supporting role in other Marvel projects involving separate heroes.

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The reason for that is not because Marvel does not want to do one, but in reality, it is because of some seriously frustrating behind-the-scenes rights issues which have stopped Marvel from being able to do anything. For years, Marvel and Ruffalo have blamed Universal Pictures, which has held onto the rights to make Hulk-solo movies, for the lack of Bruce Banner-centric projects within the MCU.

But now, it seems that hope might be getting renewed and the clouds of doubt might part ways as new hope is starting to arise. For some time now there have been unconfirmed rumors that Marvel Studios has regained the rights to make its own Hulk movies from Universal, and if that is true it would also corroborate the article post by that Marvel Studios is developing a World War Hulk standalone film, with production slated to begin sometime in late 2022. The outlet says that the film will take place after the events of the She-Hulk Disney+ series, which coincidentally involves our favorite no-more-raging green monster.

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All this seems too good to be true, like this whole yellow brick road path of reports and rumors is being laid out in front of us one after the other and all we have to do is stay on it and keep believing that all of it is real. But now all I can tell you is that this magical path seems to be solidifying because a clip posted by Entertainment Tonight has kept that fire of hope alive for the times to come.

As from the clip posted consisting of an interview with Mark Ruffalo himself, The actor was asked about Easter eggs hinting at an adaptation of World War Hulk and if he'd been up for doing that storyline. "Any time they want to do it, I'm here," Ruffalo said.

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But also what we might all forget is that actually some groundwork has already been laid out in the MCU for the possible World War Hulk movie, because part of the comic story that led up to the World War Hulk event, "Planet Hulk", already formed the basis for 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, though several key details were changed. Now all this could actually be nothing, maybe I'm just being blinded by fairy dust and I am seeing what I want. But Phase 6 has a lot of unconfirmed movies still yet to be announced, and what we will really see after Avengers: Secret Wars is anybody's guess, so that is why I leave you with this. We will need a big bad to arrive after Kang, many predict Galactus, many want Doom, but maybe The World Breaker Hulk will be the ones to grace our big screen to show us destruction like never before.

Source: EntertainmentTonight

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