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MARVEL RUMOR: New Big Name Linked To A Possible Fantastic Four Casting

Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren, has apparently talked with Marvel Studios about a part in their iteration of the Fantastic Four.

Right now if you tune in every week and read up on all the rumor sites and insider news articles you will find two or three new rumored names being linked to a possible role in Marvel's Fantastic Four movie. Whether for roles portraying Marvel's first family, or some of their most iconic villains, does not matter because those roles are some of the hottest and eagerly anticipated commodities in the movie world. There is a reason why there was such an uproar at D23 when no news about it came out. (Even though fans decided for themselves that news is gonna come out and then got mad at Marvel for not sharing any news they never said they will in the first place, but I digress.)

Marvel is taking the slow and steady approach with this, wanting to hit everything out of the park, knowing that if they do they can finally move on from the leniency they have on the Avengers and expand even more. This is why interviews and talks are, "supposedly happening all the time. The newest name on the street comes from a universe far far away, or right next door, Mr. Adam Driver himself.

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According to The Hot Mic podcast, Driver has talked with Marvel Studios about an unspecified part in the First Family revival. There's no news on which character Driver might portray, however his malevolent appearance in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy suggests Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four's main antagonist from the comics, appeared in both of the team's prior film debuts. However, there has been no definitive information on who the heroes will encounter when they arrive in the MCU. If Driver genuinely joins the Marvel family, it's not difficult to see him as the legendary supervillain.

Source: The Hot Mic

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