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Matt Smith's Return Is Being Teased by Doctor Who

Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor may return to Doctor Who, fueling anticipation about next year's anniversary episode

The appointment of Sex Education's Ncuti Gatwa as the fourteenth Doctor, as well as the revelation that David Tennant and Catherine Tate will reprise their roles as the tenth Doctor and Donna Noble for the 60th anniversary special next year, is perhaps the most significant development. In addition to this, Russel just revealed that Yasmin Finney, the star of the Netflix thriller Heartstopper, will be joining the cast as Rose. This would be the second Rose character to appear in the rebooted program, although Russel didn't say how Finney's role links to the one portrayed by Billie Piper in Davies' first two seasons.

The preview for Smith's return was shared alongside the news of Finney's hiring on Instagram, with a remark from the BBCDoctorWho page reading "silence shall fall," a reference to 'The Silence,' a prominent nemesis of Smith's tenure. Users began to speculate about the Eleventh Doctor's reappearance in response to that statement. Check out the following conversation provided by the Twitter account MATT SMITH NEWS PAGE:

While this is an intriguing preview of what's to come, no one has made an official statement about Smith's return to the program. It's possible that Davies and the BBC are making a smart joke about the showrunner's penchant for dropping small hints, and the BBC are merely using a reference to urge him to stop. However, Smith has stated that he is open to returning, and the already-announced comeback of Tennant and Tate for the anniversary episode suggests that we may be witnessing a multi-doctor adventure, as Doctor Who is known for.

Overall, the reunion of Davies, Tennant, and Tate couldn't be more anticipated, and the clues he continues throwing aren't slowing the rumor mill regarding future reunions. However, it's not only the return of old fan favorites that should pique fans' interest; Gatwa and Finney are also equally interesting newcomers to the roster. The future of Doctor Who is thus not just bright because a legendary anniversary special is on the horizon, but also because the current period of the program appears to be on track to match Davies' own victorious early seasons.


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