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Michelle Yeoh Brags To Jackie Chan About Her Success In Everything Everywhere Success

Michelle Yeoh, who starred in Everything Everywhere All at Once, brags to Jackie Chan about the film's popularity.

Evelyn Wang, a laundromat owner who is usually unsatisfied with her life, learns through an alternate version of her husband that she is the key to saving an universe in crisis in the film, which stars Yeoh in the lead character. The spouse was the protagonist in the first draft of the Daniels' script, with the directors seeing Chan as a possible star. Because he was unavailable, they realized that Everything Everywhere All at Once would be better served with Evelyn at the center, and they crafted the film for Yeoh, with Ke Huy Quan finally taking up the character of Waymond Wang.

In a new interview with The Guardian, Yeoh explains that she had the opportunity to gloat about the success of her current film to the person for whom it was originally meant. She and Chan are longstanding friends, having been in Hong Kong films together such as Police Story 3: Supercop, and she claims Chan emailed her after hearing about the great publicity for Everything Everywhere All at Once. When asked if she was aware that the Daniels had been to see him about it, she tells Chan that missing out on the part was unquestionably his loss. Check out the following quote from her:

"Jackie actually texted me. And he says: ‘Wow, I hear amazing things about your movie. Did you know that the boys came to see me in China?’ And I said: ‘Yes, your loss, my bro!’"

Chan's loss was definitely Yeoh's gain, as the popular but underappreciated actor's performance as Evelyn is being hailed as a career highlight. Indeed, the whole ensemble of Everything Everywhere All at Once has been praised, particularly Quan, who returned to acting after starring in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Goonies as a youngster. Perhaps as a nod to the original plan, Quan gets a Chan-inspired fanny pack fight sequence, complete with the Hong Kong star's trademark innovative and amusing choreography.

While it's fun to speculate what it might have been like if Chan had been at the center, fans are more than content with the version of Everything Everywhere All at Once they received. In a box office age dominated by blockbusters, the film has become a rare word-of-mouth smash, and industry experts have professed their admiration for it, with Andrew Garfield sporting hot dog hands to promote the film despite not being involved in any way. When it comes time for the Daniels to pick their next project, perhaps they'll get to work with Chan after all.

Source: The Guardian

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