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Millie Bobby Brown Explains How Stranger Things Season 4 Was The Hardest To Film

Stranger Things season 4 was likely the most challenging to produce, according to Millie Bobby Brown, due to delays and several filming locations.

Hopper was assumed killed at the end of season 3, which debuted on July 4th, 2019, and Eleven appeared to have lost her powers before departing Hawkins with the Byers family. Stranger Things season 4 opens up with the Hawkins gang coping with the Upside Down's next Big Bad, Vecna, in California, with Hopper as a Russian prisoner. Stranger Things' protagonists are farther away geographically than ever in the last season, which was delayed for months owing to the coronavirus epidemic.

Brown was just featured in a new episode of First We Feast's "Hot Ones" on YouTube. Sean Evans, the show's presenter, revealed how the Duffer Brothers, the show's creators, defined Stranger Things season 4 as the show's Game of Thrones season during the interview. He then went on to ask Brown what made filming Season 4 the most difficult they'd ever done. Here's the rest of the quote:

I mean mostly because we filmed for three years. Especially with the amount of filming that we had to do, we were filming in three different places, Lithuania, New Mexico, and Atlanta. And it was difficult, yeah.

Stranger Things 4 began filming in February 2020, but was halted for a month and then extended. Stranger Things' three unique filming sites portraying Lithuania, California, and Hawkins were subsequently allowed to start production in September with revised COVID safety standards enforced. Season 4's global scope and ambitious scope naturally necessitated a longer production, with filming ultimately ending in September 2021 at Vilnius' disused Lukiks Prison.

The Duffer Brothers were granted more time to fine-tune season 4 despite the fact that it was a struggle and under tragic circumstances. Stranger Things' darkest, most mature, and cinematic season yet, which pays homage to everything from A Nightmare on Elm Street to Hellraiser and Stephen King's classic horror Carrie, is the result. Season 4 built up Eleven's past in a way that naturally expanded the narrative, preparing the series for an action-packed conclusion.

Source: First We Feast

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