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Minnie Driver Reveals That She Was Told She Wasn't Hot Enough To Play Skylar

Minnie Driver, who played Skylar in the Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting, claims she was informed she wasn't "beautiful enough" for the part.

Driver had previously been in a variety of films and television shows at the time of her casting, including Goldeneye, Sleepers, and the British comedy series My Good Friend. On ABC, she went on to feature in a number of other important films, including Grosse Pointe Blank, Return To Me, and Speechless. Driver is now starring in HBO's Max series Starstruck and will soon be seen in the forthcoming Shakespeare adaptation Rosaline.

Driver talks how she got the role of Skylar in Good Will Hunting with The Cut, revealing that she was previously told she "wasn't gorgeous enough" for the job. This grieved her, especially because she was a young actress in Hollywood at the time. "To be told you're not sexy at 26 when you've probably just gotten over all your adolescent angst and begun to think, 'Maybe in the right light and the right shoes and the right outfit, I'm all right,'" Driver recalls. Nothing has changed in that aspect, she says, adding to the difficulty of maintaining a decades-long Hollywood career:

By the way, that is something that has not changed — there are still just times when people are like ‘she’s too old’ or ‘she’s too tall.' I’ve always thought about how things get distilled. There’s this notion of one part of you being ‘the thing’ that will block all these other aspects of who you are. That’s a huge frustration as an actor.

Driver credits her family's support in helping her overcome the darker aspects of working as an actor, especially when it came to coping with rejection as an actress. Like most people in Hollywood, the Starstruck actress is not immune to harsh remarks and unfair criticism, but her career has shown that she has the courage and skill to persevere. Despite the fact that Good Will Hunting is most recognized as a showcase for Damon, Affleck, and Williams, there's little doubt that Driver's Skylar had an important role in the overall tale. Without her, Good Will Hunting would be a very different story.

Driver isn't the first actress to be criticized for her appearance, and she won't be the last, no matter how much one wishes she was. Nonetheless, Driver has developed an amazing career since the days of Good Will Hunting, effectively silenced the critics. While the casting process in Hollywood is notorious for being long and discouraging, it is also one of the harsh realities of the industry. One can only hope that this will improve in the future, and that as more celebrities, like as Driver, speak out, something wonderful will emerge. Performers should be judged only on their ability to perform.

Source: The Cut

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