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Mission Impossible Star Simon Pegg Remembers His Meeting Carrie Fisher Meetings On Star Wars & SDC

Pegg had a Fisher poster on his bedroom wall, which he kissed every night. He planned to tell Fisher herself this tale at Comic-Con

Unkar Plutt is played by Simon Pegg, a prominent British actor who has been in Mission: Impossible, Star Trek, and numerous Edgar Wright films. Unkar Plutt belongs to the Jakku Crolute species. Despite the fact that Unkar Plutt's screen time in the J. J. Abrams-directed Star Wars film was restricted, Pegg was able to meet one of his heroes on the set of The Force Awakens: Carrie Fisher. Unlike Pegg's newly-introduced Unkar Plutt, Fisher's Princess Leia in The Force Awakens is older and wiser, a seasoned figure with a vast past.

Fortunately for Pegg, he had the chance to meet the legendary actress who played Princess Leia twice. The inaugural gathering took place at San Diego Comic-Con in 2004. (SDCC). According to The Sunday Times, Pegg told Fisher about how much he idolized her as a youngster during SDCC. Pegg even had a Fisher image posted to his bedroom wall that he kissed goodnight. "Do you feel better for telling me that?" Fisher said dryly after learning this. On the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the two reconnected. The two had this amazing exchange one day, according to The Sunday Times:

“They were filming Star Wars and went for a walk around the set arm in arm and he stopped, faced her, looked deep into her eyes and said, ‘You know I love you, right?’ And she grabbed his hand, looked at his wedding ring and said,F*** you.’”

Pegg's sarcastic query was most likely a reference to his great 2004 SDCC disclosure, which elicited a similarly humorous answer a decade earlier. Fisher's lively personality emerges here, despite her portrayal of Princess Leia in The Force Awakens as a somber and dignified figure. While Pegg's encounters with Fisher may not have been as idyllic as he would have dreamed as a youngster, these stories are a funny homage to the late Princess Leia actress. Despite the fact that Unkar Platt was only a minor adversary in The Force Awakens, Pegg had a remarkable on-set experience that went far beyond the Crolute-suit.

Source: The Sunday Times

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