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Mizkif Issues A Statement Regarding The Slick Situation And Offensive Texts

Mizkif, a popular Twitch streamer, delivers a statement on insulting messages he sent to Ice Poseidon in 2018 as well as the recent CrazySlick claims.

There has been a lot of Twitch controversy in the last 48 hours, and prominent streamer Mizkif has given a statement about the enormous CrazySlick incident, nasty messages he wrote in 2018 and 2019, and more. Slick is a previous roommate of Mizkif, Russel, and Emiru who is being investigated for suspected sexual assault.

He is not to be confused with the Twitch streamer Sliker, who has maintained a significant gambling addiction and was exposed yesterday. Trainwrecks was among the live streamers supporting gambling streams before Twitch made its announcement at the end of the content category, and he aired some dirty laundry about CrazySlick and suspected abusive activities.

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Trainwrecks' critiques of several Twitch broadcasters included an allegation that Mizkif covered up an alleged sexual assault of Adrianah Lee by CrazySlick, which another live streamer just come out about. Among the numerous things Mizkif affirmed in his Twitlonger message, which he shared with his Twitter audience, is that he will be on leave while a third-party inquiry is conducted.

Mizkif's Twitlonger was the first to announce CrazySlick's survival, however, he has been driven out of their home owing to the charges made public yesterday, which the prominent Twitch broadcaster claims he was made aware of last year.

Mizkif apologized to Adrianah and other victims, saying he shouldn't have discounted an "inexcusable" scenario, and he still regrets what he said about it on Twitch. Mizkif went on to distinguish between Adrianah's sexual assault and the sexual harassment from CrazySlick that numerous women have reported, saying there's "no explanation for it." On top of the CrazySlick Twitch issue that Mizkif was entangled in, Ice Poseidon published some old communications from the latter in which Mizkif used many nasty insults. Mizkif's Twitlonger stated that the texts were not doctored and that he was a "stupid, edgy man," afterward celebrating how much he's evolved in the previous four years. Because of the gravity of the CrazySlick charges, some Twitch viewers have questioned the veracity of Mizkif's remark, even with adding extra context, and many have unanswered questions of their own.

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