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Moon Knight's Third Personality Jake Lockley Would Have A Much Different Costume Then Marc's

Marc Spector and Steven Grant's white outfits would be considerably different from Jake Lockley's Moon Knight superhero suit.

Marc or Steven are given incredible talents and a white attire when they embrace Khonshu's power and become Moon Knights. Marc's costume is classic superhero fare, complete with hood, cape, and a crescent moon on his breast. Steven appears to be dressed in a fitted suit with a tie and jacket. When Lockley was discovered, he promptly murdered Harrow in cold blood, much to Khonshu's delight. The third persona, on the other hand, was clothed in ordinary clothes rather than a Moon Knight costume.

Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik spoke with The Direct about the hero's outfits and what a prospective Lockley outfit would look like. When asked if there was a costume developed for the third identity, Kasperlik said there wasn't one for Jake because of the secrecy surrounding his unveiling, but she imagined a suit that was much darker than Marc and Steven's white designs. Below is what the designer had to say.

"I think that I would make it darker. I would make it probably the black one, the black costume that’s in the comics. I would definitely start there. This is nothing that they’ve ever done, this is just me. Those suits are so amazing, and you just never know. But there was nothing that was ever, ever done."

The MCU show varies from the books in that Marc and Steven can both modify the appearance of the Moon Knight suit, which reflects their personalities in different ways. Given Lockley's darker character, it's logical that Kasperlik would chose one of the darker outfits featured in the comics as his go-to outfit. Unfortunately, no information on the second season of Moon Knight or Lockley's comeback has been released.

Moon Knight has had a multitude of outfits since his debut appearance in Marvel Comics in 1975. The MCU series has lots of clothes to draw inspiration from, from a more robust armored look to the Mr. Knight suit, to the futuristic 2099 suit of armor, to the streamlined designs from the Ultimate series. Although a second season of Moon Knight has yet to be announced, Lockley's entrance at the series' conclusion has many fans wondering how the show would represent him in his full superhero form.

Source: The Direct

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