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Moon Knight Star Talks About Layla's Scarlet Scarab's MCU Future

Layla was introduced to the MCU as the Scarlet Scarab in Moon Knight, and actor May Calaway teases where she intends to take the character.

Layla makes a bargain with the Egyptian goddess Taweret to become her temporary Avatar on Earth to aid Moon Knight lock away Amit in Moon Knight's sixth and allegedly last episode. Layla dresses up as the Scarlet Scarab, a Marvel Comics character who was supposed to have served in World War II and was first published in 1977. Marvel Studios has found a method to introduce the franchise's first Egyptian superhealer in Moon Knight by reworking Marlene into Layla and renaming her the Scarlet Scarab, which was vital for the series creator.

In an interview with Inverse, May Calaway, who portrays Layla on Moon Knight, confessed that she has no idea where the Scarlet Scarab may emerge next. She did say that she loves Doctor Strange and would like to feature in Blade after working with Mahershala Ali on the television series Ramy when asked which characters she would like to engage with. In the MCU, she is open to a variety of roles. Calaway explained:

"There has been nothing yet that I know of what could happen with Scarlet Scarab. But I love Dr. Strange, that would be cool. Blade would be cool because I've worked with Mahershala Ali and I think he's so wonderful. And then, I love all the women. I love Agatha. I feel like in the beginning, I used to love anyone that was kind of a villain like Nebula. I found them so complex. But honestly, it really depends on the story. I kind of want to be with all of them."

While it's unclear whether Moon Knight will return for a second season or when the character will next appear because Oscar Isaac only signed on for one season, Layla herself might become a bigger part of the MCU in the future. The character might cross over with Werewolf by Night or Blade as the MCU's supernatural aspect grows. Because Layla is an archeologist, she might be included into the Eternals mythos in the future, or she could even be an ally to Shang-Chi in his quest to learn more about the Ten Rings.

Layla and the Scarlet Scarab are an excellent illustration of how Marvel Studios works, transforming small supporting characters into full-fledged fan favorites. Wong, like Okoye, M'baku, and Shuri in Black Panther, is such a cherished element of the MCU that some fans want him to have his own Disney+ series. Although most comic book readers may not have heard of Layla before the start of the series, and most comic book readers may not have considered the Scarlet Scarab name, the character now has a wealth of stories to tell and might become a household favorite. Moon Knight introduced the MCU to two fascinating new superheroes.

Source: Inverse

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