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MultiVersus Teases A New Character For Next Week

MultiVersus reveals the newest addition to its roster in a film that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the impending Halloween season.

MultiVersus has announced the next addition to their roster, and it appears that Stripe from Gremlins will be fighting next week. Since its open beta debut last summer, the platform fighter has enjoyed a lot of success, with millions of gamers picking up the free-to-play title from Player First Games.

While the fighter has great core mechanics and innovative elements that make it distinct from the likes of Super Smash Bros., the bizarre roster is what draws gamers to MultiVersus. From Shaggy to Steven Universe, a MultiVersus player effectively fulfills a childhood fantasy by selecting two characters from random IPs and determining who would win in a battle.

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MultiVersus appears to be preparing for another character to join the lineup. Some MultiVersus action may be seen projected onto a wall in a teaser provided to the game's Twitter. Shadows flit over the screen, and it soon looks like the POV character is besieged by Gremlins.

The tweet also notes that next week will be "a little hectic," hinting that whatever change is on the road will arrive shortly. Following his hint at the start of Season 1, many fans have assumed that Stripe will be joining MultiVersus. Stripe is the main adversary of the first Gremlins film and serves as the evil counterpart of Gizmo, who is already playable in MultiVersus.

Stripe's inclusion was also hinted at in a previous tweet, which included a GIF of several Gremlins at a cuter stage. While no specifics on Stripe's gameplay have been revealed, he will almost certainly play differently than Gizmo, who concentrates on long-range assaults and helping his friends. There has been no word on when Black Adam, the character that was announced with Stripe, would be joining MultiVersus, however many believe that the superhero will be introduced soon to the premiere of his new film. Stripe's debut is anticipated to coincide with a new MultiVersus upgrade, based on the trend of recent character releases.

Source: MultiVersus

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