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Ncuti Gatwa The Bew Doctor Who Did Not Inform Barbie Co-Stars About BBC Role

Ncuti Gatwa's Barbie castmates learned about the actor's position as the Fourteenth Doctor at the same moment the rest of the world did

Gatwa, 29, shot to notoriety after playing Eric Effiong in Netflix's blockbuster show Sex Education. Gatwa was named as the future Doctor for the forthcoming Doctor Who season 14 earlier this month in a surprising revelation after three seasons as the colorful sidekick to Asa Butterfield's Otis. He will take over for Jodie Whittaker, who will conclude her Doctor Who term in a feature-length episode this autumn. Gatwa's Doctor Who season will premiere in 2023.

Gatwa's Doctor Who casting was kept so secret that not even his Barbie co-stars were aware of his part in the BBC series, according to Variety. Not only did the revelation of Gatwa's casting surprise the globe, but it also surprised his co-stars, who found out about his casting after the news broke. At the time, Gatwa and the team were still filming Barbie. Liu recalls questioning Gatwa about the news on set the next day. Gatwa replied, "two months," when asked how long he had been hiding a secret. Liu shared the following:

I would have combusted ... He had to get security in and around not only his place of residence, but the places of residence of his entire family.

It's hardly surprising that Gatwa kept his Doctor Who casting a secret from his Barbie co-stars, given that the job of the future Doctor has traditionally been cloaked in great secrecy. However, Liu's comments imply that Gatwa is also having to adjust rapidly to his newfound celebrity. Liu is familiar with Gatwa's situation, since his starring part in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings saw him take on the character of an MCU superhero and become a household figure. Though Sex Education was a huge success, Gatwa's major part in Doctor Who will be by far his biggest role to date, catapulting him to stardom in unprecedented ways. The long-running sci-fi series has a devoted fan following, many of whom were overjoyed when Gatwa was appointed as Whittaker's replacement.

Gatwa's top-secret Doctor Who casting is now public knowledge, both to his Barbie castmates and the rest of the world. Gatwa's career is taking off thanks to Doctor Who and the much-touted Barbie. Gatwa, who was practically unknown just a few years ago, is now on his way to success. Only time will tell what Gatwa's vision of the Time Lord will be when he takes over from Whittaker and ushers Doctor Who into a new era.

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