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Netflix's Greenlight For Sandman's Secret Episode Was Integral In Them Getting The Show

Netflix was the sole production company to sponsor the production of the Season 1 bonus episode of The Sandman, according to executive producer David S. Goyer.

Being hailed as the live-action adaptation that The Sandman fans have been waiting for all these years, Netflix delivered an astounding product with the Season 1 release of The Sandman. Pulling directly from the source material for most of the entirety of the first season, Neil Gaiman is now going into a bit more detail on the making and behind-the-scenes detail of the show on social media.

The aforementioned importance of pulling directly from the source material was one thing Neil Gaiman stressed as being very important in the making of the show. How if Netflix even though have a smash hit on their hands with Sandman decides not to renew the show for a season 2 Neil will save the show by bringing it to another streaming service. And how the secret release of their bonus 11th episode was what helped Netflix get over the line to secure the deal for the show.

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The Sandman's writers were enthusiastic about making "Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope," a bonus episode featured in Season 1 but unconnected to the story, according to executive producer David S. Goyer. Before we offered the program to buyers, Goyer, showrunner Allan Heinberg, and I came up with the idea for the "hidden" 11th episode, Goyer told Variety.

We were keen to adopt the remarkable standalone issues that were scattered throughout the original run of Sandman, which everyone who is familiar with the comic book would attest to. Goyer went on to say that the Season 1 bonus episode served as a convenient outlet for those tales and also allowed the show's writers a chance to express their gratitude to The Sandman fans.

Although the preparations for Episode 11 were uncommon for the business, the producer insisted that they were "very much in line with Neil's eccentric run." He went on, "We had several bids from potential purchasers to produce Sandman, but only Netflix agreed to produce the "secret" episode. And to be quite honest, that was one of the main reasons we chose Netflix.

We thought they understood it better than the rest. We informed them that we wanted "Dream of a Thousand Cats" to be animated and to start there. And you could see the terror growing in the eyes of the majority of the consumers. Netflix did not protest."

Sandman's creators are enthusiastic about the possibility of renewal while Netflix continues to consider its options. Goyer revealed they had started writing the scripts for the yet-to-be-confirmed Season 2 before Season 1 came out in early August. According to reports, Gaiman shared the joy of his co-executive producer and revealed he was already compiling a list of performers for the parts of Dream's brothers, Delirium and Destruction. The author also assured viewers that a rematch between Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) and Lucifer Morningstar will be adapted for Season 2. (Gwendoline Christie).

Source: Variety

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