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Netflix's Live-Action Avatar The Last Airbender Cast Legendary Cabbage Merchant For The Show

Original voice actor James Sie who voiced the role of Cabbage Merchant for the animated show has joined Netflix's live-action version in the same role

In Avatar The Last Airbender we got introduced to some of the most legendary characters to ever grace our TV screens. The OG Avatar Gang, is the greatest redemption arc in TV history with Zuko, one of the scariest villains in Azula, and the greatest uncle in the history of humanity with Uncle Iroh. So many iconic characters, characters we still cherish to this day, but one man managed to steal all of our hearts with only two words, "MY CABBAGES!"

The cabbage merchant was a businessman from the Earth Kingdom and the founder of Cabbage Corp. Originally a regular merchant who specialized in selling cabbages, he was afflicted by misfortune throughout his business ventures, as his cabbages were continuously destroyed or damaged after encountering Team Avatar and their opponents.

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Sie will play the Cabbage Merchant in Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender, according to Avatar News. Despite only appearing in a few episodes of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sie's Cabbage Merchant is a favorite among the cartoon series' fans.

According to Avatar News, Netflix's live-action Avatar series has completed its first season, which means Sie has already filmed his sequences as the Cabbage Merchant. Outside of the Avatar franchise, Sie has a long list of voice-acting credits. Aside from the Cabbage Merchant, he is likely most recognized for his roles as Eddy Raja in the Uncharted video game series and as a fictionalized Jackie Chan in the animated series Jackie Chan Adventures.

In the animated series, the cabbage merchant appeared in two episodes when relates to the first season. Episode 5, "The King Of Omashu" and Episode 9, "The Waterbending Scroll." It is unclear if the live-action series will follow the same blueprint already laid out for the cabbage merchant or if they may include him a bit more. But one thing I am certain of is that this will please most of the original fans of the show, not only seeing the cabbage merchant but also the fact that the man who brought him to life in the first place will get to do it again. I cannot wait to see him pushing his iconic cart and collectively all around the world, every Avatar fan together gets to voice his lines one more time.

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