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New Iron Man Skins For Fortnite Have Leaked

Epic Games has revealed a new Iron Man skin for Fortnite, which looks to be a tie-in to the current Fortnite x Marvel comic.

A new Iron Man skin for Fortnite looks to have leaked, but it may have a special context. Marvel and Epic Games have had a unique connection for many years. This collaboration has resulted in the introduction of a large number of skins from Marvel properties in Fortnite, as well as important in-game events.

It's hardly surprising that a new Iron Man skin would appear in Fortnite, but this one stands out because of its connection to the current Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic. Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War is the two companies' first full-length comic collaboration. Marvel did mention a continuing Fortnite event in numerous publications in 2020, but the Zero War takes the collaboration to a whole new level.

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Not only are both Fortnite and Marvel characters included in Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War, but purchasing specific issues delivers Fortnite incentives. The crossover's last issue is set to be released next week, on September 28. The crossover between Fortnite and Marvel: Zero War is significant since the leaked Iron Man skin is called Iron Man Zero. The skin has a bigger Iron Man suit, as well as a helmet that can be unzipped to expose the standard Iron Man helmet within.

A Repulsor Bundle back bling, a Bladed Gauntlet pickaxe, and a Zero War Frontlines loading screen are all included in the encrypted Iron Man Zero pack. Since the announcement of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic, Marvel has promised that people who buy all five issues of the comic miniseries would receive a unique skin, which has yet to be revealed. It seems to reason that Iron Man Zero will be that skin. However, this has not been confirmed. It's also feasible that Iron Man Zero will be nothing more than a related skin. In any case, it should ultimately be available for purchase through Fortnite's store.

Those interested in the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War prizes can purchase all five issues at their local comic shop or read them on Marvel Unlimited beginning September 28. Along with the yet-to-be-confirmed additional skin, the prizes include a Spider-Man skin, an Iron Man weapon wrap, a Wolverine pickaxe, a Zero War spray, and a Zero War loading screen. Marvel and Fortnite could easily keep producing skins of various superheroes and villains and benefiting handsomely from it. The fact that the partnerships continue to go above and beyond, linking both Fortnite gaming and Marvel comics, makes the cooperation fresh and interesting.

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