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New Marvel Record Has Been Set For Shortest MCU Disney+ Series With A Surprising Choice

When it debuts on Disney+ in 2024, Marvel Zombies, an animated spin-off series of Marvel's What If...?, will be the shortest MCU series to date.

Coming from the super successful Marvel What If...? animated series, Marvel Studios have decided to really go at that genre hard and continue producing animated content. One of the most highly anticipated ones they have currently in the works is their Marvel Zombies show. Adapted from one of their most highly successful comic lines, we first got a glance at the best superhero characters in the world as zombies in a singular episode on What If....?

The events of the What If...? episode will not be continued in Marvel Zombies. Instead, it will examine the same incident from a new perspective. Few facts have been disclosed about this series, but unexpectedly, Marvel Zombies was recently awarded a TV-MA classification, as well as a 2024 debut date. This intriguing new series has gotten yet another unexpected update.

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While at New York Comic-Con 2022, Marvel Zombies' chief writer and executive producer Zeb Wells sat down with Comicbook and provided an interesting insight on the upcoming series. Wells stated that Marvel Zombies will be the smallest Marvel series to date, with only four episodes when it is released on Disney+. Other than this vague quote, So it's four episodes, not sure when it comes out yet, but it's looking really cool, we really don't have much more to go on.

That might be unexpected to some fans out there, especially those who compare this show to all the other shows Marvel has handled till now in the Disney+ era. Usually, a show is always between 6-9 episodes, and with so many big names already confirmed one could not be put at fault for expecting a similar structure. As a result, it's possible that Marvel Zombies may have lengthier episodes to handle its crowded lineup. However, episode lengths are unlikely to be finalized until later in the process.

With many fans eager to discover what Marvel Zombies has in store for the MCU's heroes, it's likely that any significant teases for this long-awaited series will be delivered gradually. Meanwhile, fans looking for more animated Marvel action can look forward to What If...? season 2 when it premieres next year.

Source: Comicbook

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