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Newest Jurassic World Installment Is On The Edge Of Reaching $1 Billion To Secure Another Milestone

Jurassic World Dominion, the most recent Jurassic Park movie, is almost about to surpass an astounding $1 billion globally.

Deadline reports that Colin Trevorrow's latest Jurassic World installment has passed an incredible $994.6 million globally. However, it is currently unknown whether or not it will surpass the $1 billion mark, particularly given the film's sluggish sales.

Dominion's performance in Japan, where it was last released, will determine whether or not it makes $1 billion worldwide. Dominion's profits, which first appeared two months ago, have officially surpassed the $6 billion milestone for the whole Jurassic Park franchise.

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The success of Dominion in theaters is encouraging for the movie's prospects on streaming services. On September 2, the movie debuted on Peacock, and both the theatrical and extended cuts are now streaming. The expanded version has 14 minutes of brand-new material along with walkthroughs of the stunts and special effects.

The expanded version is how Trevorrow wanted viewers to experience Dominion, he claims. In a situation when we were requested to cut out a significant portion of the film—in the end, 14 minutes—we had just finished shooting. We have been given the gift of being able to share the original film, so it wasn't really that I went back and made a director's cut.

There are no plans in place for more Jurassic World movies, although Trevorrow believes a gritty sequel might be entertaining. I know I'd want to see that movie if we did a hard R extremely terrifying version that was perhaps very confined, he added. Additionally, there's a chance that Bryce Dallas Howard may return to the role of Claire Dearing from the sequel trilogy in this probable R-rated dinosaur movie. Howard asked whether she'd think about coming back, and she said, "Yes." To return a character often, she continued, "it's such a unique thing, and it's so unusual for an actor to get to experience that. "In addition to that, it’s like decades between." DeWanda Wise, who plays Kayla Watts in Dominion, was equally enthusiastic about the idea of coming back for another film.

Source: Deadline

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