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Nightwing's Stealth Mechanics Are Revealed In New Gotham Knights Gameplay

In today's Gotham Knights gameplay clip, Nightwing conducts quick takedowns in enemy territory, demonstrating the game's new stealth features.

WB Montreal looks to be extensively pulling from Rocksteady's immensely acclaimed Batman: Arkham series in Gotham Knights, based on what has been revealed thus far. WB Montreal collaborated on the 2013 prequel Batman: Arkham Origins, so this is no coincidence. The Dark Knight's ninja-like stealth abilities and devastating takedowns were heavily highlighted in these games, and Gotham Knights seeks to expand on the concept that made the Arkham games such a sensation with gamers and comic book fans alike. As they labor together to preserve Gotham City in the aftermath of Batman's presumed death, the game will include four distinct Gotham Knights playable characters, each with their own set of talents, equipment, and favored methods of conducting tasks.

Nightwing and Red Hood display several of the game's features and gameplay elements in the newest fresh gameplay video posted to YouTube by the official Gotham Knights channel. Nightwing uses stealth to infiltrate a magnificent estate ruled by the Court of Owls, as shown in a gameplay part. The blue-clad hero places himself on a balcony, listens in on a couple of passing guards, then uses a devastating chokehold on one of them that would make his mentor Batman happy. As Nightwing approaches the last guard, Gotham Knights game director Geoff Ellenor reveals that each of the playable characters in the game has their own unique takedown skills, which are divided into two types. Ambush attacks are quicker to execute, but they produce more noise and may alert other adversaries to the player's existence. Meanwhile, Stealth Takedowns are slower but allow the player to subjugate their opponents stealthily.

The different fighting styles of Nightwing and Red Hood, the Augmented Reality vision that aids the heroes in following trails and discovering clues, and Gotham Knights' vehicle-based traversal and Fast Travel mechanics that will allow players to reach their objectives as quickly as possible within the open world of Gotham City were all featured in today's Gotham Knights trailer. Several of these interesting gameplay concepts have been teased in previous Gotham Knights previews, as well as Batgirl's melee strikes and Robin's new satellite-powered teleportation.

Now that fans get a better look at Nightwing and Red Hood in action, it appears like Gotham Knights will serve as a type of evolution to the Batman: Arkham games, building on the series' gameplay elements in a new narrative. Stealth appears to keep the Arkham franchise's grappling hook system and takedown assaults while also introducing new kinds that will force players to choose between a quick Ambush Strike and a quieter Stealth Takedown. When Gotham Knights launches in October on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, fans will see more of these covert attacks from Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin.

Source: Gotham Knights

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