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On One Condition Tom Felton Would Work Again With Daniel Radcliffe

If the Harry Potter stars ever meet on screen, Tom Felton quips that he wants to play the hero and Daniel Radcliffe to play the evil.

Radcliffe played the franchise's title character, while Felton played his bleach blonde bully, Draco Malfoy, in all eight films, with both actors growing up with their roles. Malfoy's family were supporters of the movie' main antagonist, Voldemort, which fueled Malfoy's hate for Harry as the two young wizards' storylines proceeded. Both Radcliffe and Felton have previously acknowledged their real-life friendship, which is, of course, a far cry from what plays out on screen.

Now, Felton has said that he would love to work with Radcliffe again, with one condition: they must appear opposite one another in their next film. While promoting his newest part in London's West End, Felton told Digital Spy how the ensemble frequently talks about reuniting in some form, before revealing that he and Radcliffe have joked that their next on-screen meeting should see them swap places. They've joked about Radcliffe being the villain and Felton playing the hero the next time, according to Felton. See the complete quote from Felton below:

"We all talk about doing something again in all different ways, Daniel and I have often joked about the idea of when we do work together again, he'll be the villain and I'll be the hero."

Felton and Radcliffe have played a variety of roles during their time in the Wizarding World. Most recently, Radcliffe played the villain Abigail Fairfax in The Lost City, opposite Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, describing the role as a "rite of passage" for an English actor in an American picture. Radcliffe's next major part will be as "Weird Al" Yankovic in the musician's forthcoming biography, but it does not appear like Radcliffe and Felton have any plans to work together again.

It would be one thing to have Radcliffe and Felton rejoin in a future production, but to see them switch roles as good and evil guys would be a delightfully lovely nod to their prior time together in Harry Potter. With both actors preoccupied with forthcoming projects, it's safe to assume that any definite plans will have to wait. However, Felton seemed to be hopeful about the potential of future collaboration, and as usual, one can never say never.

Source: Digital Spy

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