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Oscar Isaac Regrets That One Particular Scene From Moon Knight Was Cut

Oscar Isaac admits that a sequence from Moon Knight episode 6 that he regrets was removed, stating that it would have improved Ammit and Marc's relationship

Moon Knight, perhaps more than any other MCU Disney+ program, delves deep and dark inside its protagonist. Spector formed his other identity, Steven Grant, as a result of the tragic loss of his brother and the abuse he received at the hands of his mother, it is revealed at the end of the episode. As he comes to terms with his history, villain Arthur Harrow frees Egyptian god Ammit from her tomb, setting up a battle. Spector and Grant finally persuade Khonshu to free them from his servitude after imprisoning Ammit in Harrow's body.

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Isaac confesses in a new interview with Gold Derby on YouTube that there is a Moon Knight episode 6 deleted scene that he regrets being eliminated. The sequence in question would have strengthened the bond between Spector's mother and Ammit, allowing viewers to sense the emotional undercurrent between the two characters. Here's the rest of Isaac's comment:

"And in some ways, we tried to push it more. There was a great scene at the end of [Episode] 6 that just didn’t quite fit in the rhythm of it and that was one scene that, for me, would have tied in mother and Ammit a little closer, because that’s also why I came up with this “Later's gators” thing because then she says, 'After a while, crocodile.' And so for me, that’s like… she said, 'Crocodile.' She was the crocodile goddess that’s saying, 'I wish I could pre-judge you because you would never have… this never would have happened.' So for me, it was really important even if the audience doesn’t get it literally, that there’s some even subtextual emotional connection to everything that’s happening."

While the Moon Knight conclusion works just well without the scenario Isaac recounts, it would have been intriguing to see subtextual connections between Ammit and Marc's history brought to light. Unfortunately, the scene was eliminated because it would have disturbed the episode's flow, but it's still an intriguing glimpse behind the curtain at what could have been. It's unclear whether Moon Knight will return for a second season, but the program certainly leaves the door open for the plot to continue. Given Spector's complicated past and character, Isaac's remark strongly hints that there's more to Marc and Steven than can be covered in only six episodes. While Ammit appears to have been destroyed in Moon Knight episode 6, it's likely that she may return, or that another adversary will be added in future seasons, enabling Isaac to completely develop his Spector and his complex relationship with his mother.

Source: Gold Derby

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