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Oscar Isaac Reveals How Moved He Has Been With Peoples Reaction To Moon Knight's Mental Health Story

Oscar Isaac discusses how reactions to Moon Knight's mental health tale and how persons with DID reacted to the program impacted him

Karim El Hakim, Ann Akinjirin, David Ganly, Khalid Abdalla, and Gaspard Ulliel were among the cast members for Moon Knight, which included Ethan Hawke as Harrow, May Calamawy as Marc's wife Layla, F. Murray Abraham as the voice of Khonshu, and Karim El Hakim, Ann Akinjirin, David Ganly, Khalid Abdalla, and Gaspard Ulliel. The MCU series, created by Jeremy Slater of The Umbrella Academy, received mostly excellent reviews from reviewers and audiences, owing to its cast's performances and darker tone. Moon Knight received a lot of praise for its portrayal of Marc and Steven's DID, and one of the stars is talking about how he felt about it. Oscar Isaac discussed his views to Moon Knight and the show's mental health narrative in a recent interview with Gold Derby. The MCU star stated that people with DID had a positive reaction to the series, believing that they were appropriately depicted, and that their reactions impacted him. Here's what Isaac had to say:

"I've heard from quite a few systems actually… which is the term for people with DID and the system that holds the alters, and they feel really seen and represented specifically. And then also people that don't necessarily have Disassociative Identity Disorder, but have suffered different traumas through their life, different battles with mental health that… we could use a platform this massive to tell a story about that… I've been very moved by some of those responses and really gratified because that was the goal."

With the months leading up to the show's premiere, Isaac and the other Moon Knight creatives highlighted their attempts to accurately represent Marc's DID, in the hopes of bringing a fresh perspective to the subject. Isaac's dual performance wasn't the only aspect of DID that received great feedback; many viewers praised the show's use of acceptable jargon when explaining the disorder. In addition, many fans reacted favorably to each episode of Moon Knight containing a message in the credits asking viewers to visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness' website in the goal of raising DID awareness. Following his critical acclaim in his first film, many fans are anticipating Isaac's return as Moon Knight in the near future. Despite the fact that Isaac's Marvel contract was just for one season of the MCU series, he has indicated interest in returning to further develop the character, with Kevin Feige also indicating that Moon Knight will crossover into MCU films after his introduction in the series. In the meanwhile, fans may watch the complete Moon Knight movie on Disney+ right now.

Source: Gold Derby

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