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Oscar Isaac's Impact On The Post-Credits Scene In The Moon Knight Finale

Moon Knight producer Grant Curtis discusses Oscar Isaac's creative contributions to the program, especially the end-credit scene in the finale.

The connection between Marc and Steven grew during the course of Moon Knight's six episodes. However, many fans suspected that Moon Knight was about to introduce a third alter, Jake Lockley, who plays a prominent role in the Moon Knight comics, based on a number of indications scattered throughout the series. Many fans were ecstatic when Jake Lockley appeared in the post-credit sequence of Moon Knight's final episode, supposedly killing Harrow after telling him in Spanish, "Today is your day to lose." It's since been revealed that this was simply one of Isaac's numerous innovative choices throughout the series.

Curtis spoke with EW about the closing episode of Moon Knight as well as the post-credit tease. When Curtis was asked if Jake Lockley speaking Spanish was essential to Isaac (who was born in Guatemala), he replied that it was solely Isaac's idea for Jake to speak Spanish. Curtis went on to clarify that it wasn't in the original script and was instead one of Isaac's "many narrative components" to Moon Knight. Curtis went on to say that Isaac is "first and foremost a storyteller" and that the actor contributed to the series in a variety of ways. Curtis' complete quote may be seen here.

"It was all Oscar. That was not on the page. Oscar brought so many narrative elements to this show, both in front of the camera and behind. He's a storyteller first and foremost, and that was just one of the many contributions he made to this series."

Jake had been woven throughout the series since the first episode, but when it came down to it, it was agreed that introducing him in the last minutes of episode 6 would be the "perfect location to put him," according to Curtis. Jake's appearance, along with Marvel's recent usage of the word "season finale" rather than "series conclusion" in a tweet, sparked speculation about the prospect of a second season of Moon Knight, since this tease seemed to imply that there was much more to explore. However, the destiny of Moon Knight (and Isaac) inside the MCU is still unknown.

It's fascinating to learn that Isaac chose to have Jake Lockley speak Spanish in the post-credit sequence, and that the actor had such a say in other creative decisions throughout the series. It also follows a Marvel theme. Other MCU stars have already stated that Marvel is typically willing to collaborate with its actors when developing their characters. What lies next for Marc, Steven, and Jake is presently unknown, but fans may cross their fingers that some kind of information on Moon Knight's future will be provided soon.

Source: EW

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