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Overwatch 2 Players Discover A Hilarious Interaction Between Kiriko And The Wrecking Ball

An Overwatch 2 player discovers an amusing interaction between the characters Kiriko and Wrecking Ball prior to a match.

Many games have unusual dialogue exchanges between characters that may be heard while playing. The voice lines are frequently of a more comedic type, yet some of these dialogues might provide insight into the individuals that are speaking to one other.

This allows developers to convey character information without having to pause for lengthy discussions. These sorts of encounters may be seen in Overwatch 2, with many of them resulting in a giggle as a round is about to begin. Traxigor, an Overwatch 2 player, released a brief movie on Reddit featuring some amusing chat between two of the game's available characters shortly before a battle.

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It begins with Wrecking Ball, an Overwatch character, telling Kiriko that its hamster pilot Hammond is afraid of foxes. Kiriko then wonders if it's because he looks so delectable. The robot interprets Hammond's response by saying yes, followed by the remark, "Damn right I do."

The part is surprising yet funny, especially because it is delivered in the robot's deep voice. Redditors found the dialogue between Wrecking Ball and Kiriko in Overwatch 2 to be amusing. One user said they spat their drink out when they heard the statement in-game, while another said it is one of the finest new character interactions.

Traxigor's discovery of the vocal lines between Kiriko and Wrecking Ball is not the only amusing conversation in Overwatch 2. It was revealed in a video submitted by Reddit user tristanwiedeman that if players have both Hanzo and Orisa on the same team prior to a match, they will talk to each other. When Orisa notices Hanzo looking at her, she asks if he wants to ride her into battle. The archer then responds with an uneasy no, as if he had the notion but is now attempting to deny it. Orisa informs him that lying is beneath him. Traxigor and tristanwiedeman's conversations both illustrate that Blizzard has a sense of humor when it comes to how their characters will interact in-game.

Source: Reddit

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