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Paul Reiser Appears In Season 3 of 'The Boys' As A Stan Lee Parody From The Original Comics

Paul Reiser has been cast in Prime Video's The Boys as the Stan-Lee-inspired The Legend, making his first appearance in season 3 of the show

The Legend appears in The Boys comics as a former editor and writer for Vought-Victory American's Comics who is well-versed in all of Vought's supes. He resides under a comic-book store and serves as an unofficial member of The Boys, informing them on the many supes they're attempting to bring down. The Great knows all the dark secrets of the supes and is portrayed as a "horny" and crass imitation of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, frequently collaborating with Butcher in exchanging information about their supe targets.

In The Boys season 3, episode 5, "The Last Time To Look On This World of Lies," Reiser will play The Legend. In addition to the casting news, a first-look photo of Reiser as the character was also revealed, which is a departure from his comic-book appearance, especially because Reiser is not bald. The Stan Lee-style glasses and distinctive cigar, on the other hand, are present. In the image below, you can see Reiser as The Legend:

The Legend, often known as "Old Legend," is a recurring character in The Boys comics, despite not being a part of the main squad. Fans have been questioning why he hasn't featured on the program, despite the fact that he plays an important role in giving information that benefits the team. The Legend also has links to Queen Maeve, with whom he had a romance at one point, although it is yet to be determined whether or not this would be included in The Boys performance. The Boys series has been fairly comic-accurate in terms of design and characters, but as the program progressed, it began to take more and more liberties while keeping loyal to the source material. Comparing Reiser's interpretation of The Legend to the original material will be fascinating, but there's little question he'll be a welcome addition to the program.

Source: Variety

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