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Peacock's Pitch Perfect Series Contains Easter Eggs From The Films

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, a planned Peacock series, will have Easter eggs from the original movie as well as catchy Cappella melodies.

Easter eggs from the original movie will appear in the Pitch Perfect spinoff series. Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin will air this autumn on NBC's Peacock. The forthcoming series, which will premiere in September 2021, will follow Adam Devine's character, Bumper Allen, in the years following the events of Pitch Perfect 2.

"I was particularly pleased to build a vehicle that would display [Devine's] great comic skill while also showcasing his sincere acting talents," writer Megan Amram told Entertainment Weekly. Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin will introduce new characters while also making unspecified references to the previous series. The new Peacock program will follow Bumper and his recent transfer to Germany, where he has become a smash phenomenon.

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Fans of the musical franchise can expect "all the Cappella music they love, as well as wonderful covers and incredible original songs," according to Amram. "It's also full of comedy, heart, and wonderful European architecture. What more could you want?" In addition to his leading role, Devine acts as the show's executive producer.

Devine is joined as an executive producer by Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, Paul Brooks, Scott Neimeyer, and Amram. The original films were originally created by Banks, Handelman, and Brooks. Flula Borg, Sarah Hyland, Lera Abova, and Jameela Jamil join Devine in the cast. Borg previously appeared in Pitch Perfect 2 as Pieter Krämer, while Hyland has been in Modern Family and Shadowhunters.

The first entry in the franchise, adapted from Mickey Rapkin's 2008 non-fiction work Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory, stars Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, a student at Barden University who the Barden Bellas forcefully recruit into their all-girl a cappella club. The 2012 film's massive popularity, paired with the cultural phenomenon that came from the "Cups" song, was carried over into its 2015 sequel. Pitch Perfect 2 presently has the highest opening weekend for a musical. Despite receiving negative reviews from reviewers and fans alike, Pitch Perfect 3 became the second highest-grossing musical comedy, after only Pitch Perfect 2. Even if fans of the musical franchise won't recognize their favorite characters in Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, they may take consolation in the fact that references to the earlier films appear throughout the series. The next Peacock show's new and classic songs will keep fans humming and tapping along to the beat.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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