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Penguin Almost Wore A Mustard Yellow Suit According To Batman Concept Art

Another piece of unused The Batman concept art shows Colin Farrell's Penguin with a mustard-yellow outfit, as revealed by Adam Brockbank.

The character of Oswald "Oz" Cobblepot, well known as the Penguin, is one of Batman's most lasting rogues' gallery members. The proprietor of the Iceberg Lounge in Gotham City, who is generally represented as a small, obese guy with a large nose, is frequently seen wearing a tuxedo, monocle, and carrying a variety of weaponized umbrellas. While past live-action versions of the Penguin, most notably Danny Devito's in Tim Burton's Batman Returns, have gone toward exaggeration, Farrell's portrayal in The Batman is realistic, with him donning a bodysuit and hours of prosthetic makeup to become nearly unrecognizable. As more concept art for The Batman is released, it's clear that the Penguin's appearance did not develop overnight.

Adam Brockbank, a film idea and comic artist, just shared another piece of concept art for The Batman on Instagram. Farrell appears in this new work without artificial makeup and dressed in a mustard yellow suit. Take a look at the following:

Other concept art released online and via The Art of The Batman suggests that Farrell may have previously portrayed a less disfigured, smaller version of his character. Farrell and Reeves claimed in the run-up to the release of The Batman that their Penguin draws emotional influence from John Cazale's Fredo in The Godfather, and his appearance might be a reflection of that. This deviation from a "ugly" depiction of the character, on the other hand, would have been less accurate. As a result, The Batman takes the Hollywood tendency of using makeup on attractive, bankable performers to a new level.

The yellow-suited figure painted by Brockbank does a decent job of capturing the mood of Carmine Falcone's wacky foot soldier, but it's not the same as what showed on screen. In The Batman, Farrell's character is a star, and his performance is aided by a look that evidently took a long time to perfect. Now, the Penguin will star in an HBO Max spinoff on his rise to power, similar to Tony Montana in Scarface. He'll be a force to be reckoned with when he next appears on the big screen, and he has no qualms about donning a mustard yellow outfit.

Source: Adam Brockbank

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